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Hey guys,

Well it's been a great end of the summer holiday. I went Jet Skiing today, it was a great day for both me and my family. Well, back to the trade rumors i reported last week. It seems that more and more websites are reporting that all the sudden. Well anyway it's good to know we are way ahead of those other sites. Well it seems to be leaked that there is a trade for a defensemen. Which i don't think the deal is. So we will see. I'm still awaiting from my source about the details. I'm sure if something goes down it will be in the upcoming days soon! Stay tuned. Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation Kids!

Gordie Dwyer invited to camp (****)

***I will be in the chat room tonight! I promise. I forgot to update the last 2 times that I couldn't make it. This time I can. Tony will also be in the chat as well to answer any questions!!!

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Hey, I heard that there could be a deal involving a forward.
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September 6, 2007 12:45 AM ET | Delete
you want conroy?? I'd trade him to N.Y. I think that's where he's from or there abouts... Call Sutter and get this going!! hahah I think you've perfected the vague trade rumor so let;s just make one up, Conroy for a prospect *rumored from my sources to be* Kohn and a third round pick...
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