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Matt Moulson Interview

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Since the beginning of the season, I have focused my eye on one player. He just so happens to be the man on the title of this blog, Matt Moulson- he has showed tremendous improvement over the past couple of seasons.

In the 2007-08 season, Matt played 22 games - scoring 5 goals, and 4 assists. Within the span of his 22 game debut, he only posted 9 points. As the conditioning went on with Matt he continued to work hard, proving he can be a "day in-day out player on an NHL team".


Q: Now being 9 games into the season, how do you feel? You have 5 goals, and 3 assists, ranked 21st in the league for most goals.

A: “I just want to help this team win, and be a part of it. Be part of the reason why we win. If its scoring goals, its great. If it’s something else, that’s great as well. Scott gave me a lot of confidence in playing.”

Q: How do you feel about working with Doug Weight?

A: “It’s pretty unbelievable; I think my dad was just as excited as I was. He’s obviously one of the best players and passers, with over a 1000 points. I have a tremendous amount of respect for him; I was like a little kid in practice- just talking to him.”

Q: What have you done to make yourself better over the years? Looking back, you have 9 points in 22 games with the [Los Angeles] Kings during the 2007-08 season.

A: “I think whatever I have to do mentally, when you have guys that believe in you and trust you - like Scott and Garth have. It gives you the energy and confidence to go out there and do well. I have been put into great situations as well. You need some help to have, breakouts as you call it. Paired with a lot of hard work, training, and practice in the summer.

My goal right from the get-go, was to be a day in-day out player on an NHL team. That was my goal right from the start of the summer.”

Q: How long have you known John Tavares?

A: “I’ve know him since he was about, 11-12.”

Q: What is that relationship like, on and off the ice?

A: “It’s good we are able to talk to each other off the ice. We hold each other to pretty high standards. We let each other know if one's not carrying slack out there.

It’s good, we do a lot off the ice as well - we are always talking about what we can do to make ourselves better, and what we can do to make our line more successful. I think just because we always talk to one another, we know where each other would be most of the time. It definitely helps, it makes the game a lot easier, when you know where the other guy is going to be.”

A few Matt Moulson facts:

-Signed as a free agent, July 6th, 2009. (NYI)
-25 years old
-Born in Canada
-Drafted by, Pittsburgh in 2003 (263rd overall, 9th round)
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