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"Toronto Mapleleafs"
First off, Go Leafs Go. I will be watching the game on TSN tonight with my 5 month old son, this will be the first NHL game he has ever seen and I am excited! He will likely not understand whats going on, but being a die-hard Leafs fan, I feel it is important he is exposed to the blue and white at an early age! I will remember this night forever as the first time my son and i watched a hockey game together, and I hope I remember it as the night the Leafs shocked me and pulled out a win. Realistically I don't believe it will happen, the Sens are on fire, undefeated through pre-season play, while the Leafs have looked terribly shaky.

As much as I hope for a Leafs victory, I think we are going to see a blow out, and it won't be in the Leafs favor. The Sens are a team that plays hard almost every night, and the Leafs are a team that have flashes of greatness, but overall are very inconsistent. With mainly the same roster as last year I think the Leafs are going to have a tough time making the playoffs. Although I believe it all hinges on the performance of Toskala. As well all know (or should know) the Leafs defence is lacking in the defensive qualities column. In order for this roster to win one of two things must happen:

1) Coach Paul Maurice stuns Leafs nation by completely revamping his teams play in their own end, providing an adequate force in-front of the net so a Goalie who is not god-like in his abilities is able to do his job effectively.


2) Toskala displays god-like abilities in net.

What is discouraging is both prospects are quite far-fetched, but of the two, I'd put my money on option #2, but if I didn't have to put money up I wouldn't.

As a die-hard Leafs in my biased blue mind I see number 2 as the answer to a play-off spot this year, and all I can do is hope it comes true.

Go Leafs Go
Go Vesa Go
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