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I have been following the trade rumours regarding the Leafs posted by Eklund daily, I am excited for a trade, and know that we may lose some key players that I love, but I'd rather see them go and have a shot at the playoffs than missing them again this year (as I believe the Leafs will should they not make some roster changes.)

Eklund posted a rumour that according to his sources the Leafs management were waiting to see how things turned out the next few games to determine if they would pull the trigger on trades they have been discussing with other teams.

What I don't understand is why? I mean didn't we just have 2 whole seasons to see how the majority of this roster will perform? We have some new players, but not many, and the routine has remained the same, if not worse. I don't understand the delay, and you cannot tell me that management does not see the sinking ship that is the Leafs. So why waste more time? Get the trade done so we can get the new players into Leaf's jeresey's and used to their new team. The sooner the better. There is always an adjustment when a player starts fresh on a new team, so why not make the trade and get that period over with as soon as possible so this team can focus on making the playoffs as soon as possible?

It seems likely Kaberle is going to be traded, which is in my opinion the last person we should trade. He is a great player, and is much better than Mccabe or Kubina. However, if he must be traded to get impact players into Toronto then so be it, because this current team is going no where, and its getting there fast.

Many people have been discussing the possibility of Sundin being traded, and the majority seem against it. I am not. He's had a great run, and I love Sundin, but it is time to go. At this point we can get a decent return for him, next season the return will be less, and continue to drop, until the point Sundin retires and we are left with nothing in return.

Many Leafs fans seem to cling to their favorite players, inspite of the fact that team underachieves, the ultimate goal is to win, and we're not. I love Sundin, and if our team was winning, and was a contender, I'd say let him retire in Toronto. But the fact of the matter is we are not a contender, and are cruising into another 9th spot (or worse) finish. It is time for change, I am tired of the same thing game after game, year after year. Even if we make a trade and continue to lose, atleast we did something, and if we get some decent young players in return, atleast there is hope for the future, where right now the future does not seem so bright.

So Leafs fans, I say let go, we are more than likely going to lose some of our favorite players, but the new players will become favorites, and in a few years we'll feel the same way about them. It is time for a change, we need to win desperately, and I for one am all for a big trade.
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The only rush to make a trade is to make sure you don't get too many points to be left out of the playoffs, but another 10-15 overall draft pick. If you are going to make trades, make them with the hope of being better over the long term, and not just to make the playoffs this year. This team is way to far away from Ottawa to compete. Get better long term, so if it means wait until the trade deadline for greater value, than wait. Don't jump into a trade for the sake of a shake-up. This team is not underachieving! A shake-up will not make them better. They are too slow, and lack the true superstars to make it work. Bring in young talent!
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If Kaberle does get traded, and I for one hope he does, it should not be for players that will help us reach the playoffs this. This trade should be about stockpiling draft picks and young talent. JFK should, but likely won't, trade any player of value while the season is still young and while those players are still healty (or productive for that matter). Sundin, Kaberle, Kubina, Antropov, and Raycroft are players that have varying degrees of value and all of them could bring a nice return. I am sick of the mediocrity and am begging for a change. Fire JFJ, bring in a GM of some actual ability, a la Brian Burke Or Ken Holland, and get on with the rebuild!
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Kaberle Sundin for Stastny Theo?
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