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"Toronto Mapleleafs"
I am all for the Mapleleafs, and would love to seem them make the playoffs, but it is not going to happen folks, let me explain. Lets consider for a moment that the Leafs win all of their remaining games for a total of 92 Points, now for the sake of argument lets assume all of the remaining teams also win all of their games so we can see how many loses each team will need to incur for Toronto to make the playoffs. Here is what the standings would look like if each team won every remaining game:


7th - Boston - 101 Pts
8th - Philadelphia - 98 Pts
9th - Buffalo - 97 Pts
10th - Washington - 94 Pts
11th - Florida - 94 Pts
12th - Toronto - 92 Pts

Now I am going to show how many games each team will need to lose in order for Toronto to make the playoffs, assuming the Leafs win EVERY game remaining.
Since all of the teams above Toronto have more wins currently, we will have to assume the Leafs will need one extra point to beat all those teams in the standings, therefore I will add 0.5 games to the number each team needs to lose for the Leafs to make the playoffs.

Boston - +9 Pts, need to lose 5 Games of 9 remaining.
Philadelphia - +6 pts, need to lose 3.5 games of 8 remaining.
Buffalo - +5 Pts, need to lose 3 games of 8 remaining.
Washington - +2 Pts, need to lose 1.5 games of 7 remaining.
Florida - +2 Pts, need to lose 1.5 games of 8 remaining.

So in this case, if the leafs won all remaining games, for them to make the playoffs Philadelphia would have to lose 3.5 games, Buffalo 3, Washington 1.5 and Florida 1.5. We all know how unlikely it is the Leafs will win all of their games. Now lets say they win all but one game (if they lose before OT or SO) then you have to add one more loss to all of the above teams. If the Leafs lose two games, then you have to add two more losses to each team. See where I'm getting at? Lets say the leafs do great and go 6-2, all in regulation and no OT or SO losses. How many games would each team have to lose? See below:

Boston: 7 games of remaining 9
Philly: 5.5 of remaining 8
Buffalo: 5 of remaining 8
Washington: 3.5 of remaining 7
Florida: 3.5 of remaining 8

So if the Leafs went 6-2, which is a good record for 8 games, all of the teams above them from Boston to florida would have to play very bad for them to make it. Even if they win every game, Boston needs to lose 5, and Philly needs to lose 3.5. Its not going to happen folks, unless a lot of teams, lose A LOT.
March 21, 2008 3:03 PM ET | Delete
In other words,its time for the Leafs to polish up the irons
March 21, 2008 10:55 PM ET | Delete
your right...and the leafs had all their chances to do so
March 22, 2008 1:06 AM ET | Delete
Youre also forgetting season series tie breaks. Say we have 90 points to finish the season, and Boston has 90 points aswell. It depends on who wins the season series.And that series is tied right now. So, the leafs post-season hopes, are literally all about the home and home vs. said Bruins this week.
March 22, 2008 7:10 AM ET | Delete
Sgt-Punk: You're almost right, the first tie breaker is the number of total wins, and right now Boston is ahead by 3 wins. If Boston loses 3, and the Leafs end up tying them for wins and points then it would be the greater number of points gained in the season series between the two clubs.
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