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"Toronto Mapleleafs"

Mapleleafs and the Playoffs

Posted March 20, 2008
I am all for the Mapleleafs, and would love to seem them make the playoffs, but it is not going to happen folks, let me explain. Lets consider for a moment that the Leafs win all of their remaining games for a total of 92 Points, now for the sake of argument lets assume all of the remaining teams also win all of their games so we can see how many loses each team will need to incur for Toronto to m... Read More »
I have been following the trade rumours regarding the Leafs posted by Eklund daily, I am excited for a trade, and know that we may lose some key players that I love, but I'd rather see them go and have a shot at the playoffs than missing them again this year (as I believe the Leafs will should they not make some roster changes.) Eklund posted a rumour that according to his sources the Leafs m... Read More »

Leafs & Sens opening Night

Posted October 3, 2007
First off, Go Leafs Go. I will be watching the game on TSN tonight with my 5 month old son, this will be the first NHL game he has ever seen and I am excited! He will likely not understand whats going on, but being a die-hard Leafs fan, I feel it is important he is exposed to the blue and white at an early age! I will remember this night forever as the first time my son and i watched a hockey game... Read More »
Tonight the Leafs suit up against the Red Wings and I think we're in for an interesting night. Andrew Raycroft gets the start tonight and continues his fight to retain the top spot. So what sort of game can we expect? I don't know. What I hope for is a Leafs team ready to redeem themselves after the 7-2 blow out at the hands of the Sabres. The pre-season is coming to an end, and it is time to s... Read More »

Calm Down Leafs Nation

Posted September 27, 2007
Welcome to my first blog...ever. After reading the comments from so many disgruntled Leafs fans, and watching the Leafs pre-season games as of late I felt I had to start my own blog so I could throw my own 2 cents into the mix. My message to leafs nation: Calm down. Every move the Leafs make is scrutinized over and over again by the fans, and the media. Folks, this is pre-season, teams are not... Read More »


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