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The League Thus Far...

Posted 1:35 PM ET | Comments 2
And so we're approaching December....

The teams have established themselves as to where they sit in the league, where they need to improve and so on...

one thing that has been very noticeable is just how incredibly inconsistant almost every team in the league has been thus far with only Detroit once again showing the constant and consistant poise it has for essentially the last decade.

Things seen in the league thus far:

-Martin Gerber returns to form and helps lead the Senators to an incredible start.

-The Penguins, who showed such promise last year, stuggle out of the gate and have scratched and clawed through every game just to get any point they can.

-The Hurricanes rebirth among the top teams in the league, boasting a seemingly unparallelled offense.

-The Leafs.... one would expect such and expensive defense to be able to play, well, defense...

-The St. Louis Blues and Brad Boyes quietly becoming a force in the west.

-Look at the goaltender statistics and you won't find Kiprusoff, Luongo, Brodeur or Hasek leading in ANY category.

- Pascal Leclaire. How long can this guy keep it up?

-The Predators. Sold? no... yes, no. no. yes. maybe. yes.... and so on.

-Olli Jokinen. If he played anywhere else, he would be a legend already.

-Philadelphia=Suspension City. Whether simply through bad luck, great games, or blatant stupidity, it's been anything but boring for the Flyers.

-Does any team in the league look like it has a brighter future than the Coyotes? Radim Vrbata has finally found a consistant scoring touch.

-And last but not least... New York. The Rangers, who were expected to be a high-powered offensive team have developed into an all-around average team. While the Islanders have turned into a scrappy, defense first team. Anybody else expect Josef Vasicek to be on pace for 30 goals?

That's all for now folks...
December 1, 2007 1:14 PM ET | Delete
Everyone's been inconsistent because in today's NHL, any team can beat any team can beat any other team. I miss 2001:( lol.
December 3, 2007 1:43 AM ET | Delete
the Rangers? All-around average? Their defense is quite outstanding, I'd say.
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