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Well It seemed like it took the flames a period and a half to burn of that turkey, but once that Christmas weight burned off, the flames went on fire. Bourque continues to have a great season for the flames with his best performance to date, garnishing three goals en route to a 6-3 Calgary win over a hapless Sens team.

To be honest, I haven't followed the sens in the last while, but in my opinion, I have not seen a team give up like the sens gave up tonight. They were looking good, up 2-0, then reality hit, and they just wanted to leave town as fast as possible. They were giving up passes, missing hits, not backchecking, and to be honest, if the flames didn't win this, I would be asking A LOT of questions. The flames were the much better team, and Ottawa just seemed outmatched and outworked. What I was most upset about was the plays of McAmmond and Donovan. They are completely different hockey players than a few years ago, they just don't seem to have the drive (or the speed) that they used to.

Bourque, though, what can you say. He has been a fan favorite since he's shown up, and his breakout season continues. Can you believe that this man is on pace for over 30 goals!? This was a steal and a half for sutter, and i'm very happy he took a chance in the Alberta native. He has the grit of Chris Clark, the speed of lombardi (almost) and the power shot of iginla. He can become the full package, and it's very exciting to watch this man evolve into the player that he will become.

The flames continue to roll, and with two key divisional games coming up, I hope this trend continues. Second place is in our reach! haha

Good Night Flames Fans
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