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Ahh, we were due

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One positive to take from tonight. Lombardi scored.

I know, it seems like something from a fantasy novel, but yes, Lombardi defied all critics and scored a goal. It was a goal that we have all expected the last three years. Will it happen again? probably not, but, he will score again, just like Holmstrom will score again. I am happy for him.

But focusing on the game itself, I can only see one positive that calgary can take from this. They didn't change the gameplan. That is crucial, because two months ago, we would of seen four different lines combinations, at least three different pressure strategies, and again, three different center's centering iginla. But the Flames stuck to their original game plan, and was inches away from sending this game into OT. Yes, many people will blame this game on average play by Kipprusoff, but in the end, it was a game the Flames were due for. A game well played but a game where the bounces went for Gretzky and his boys. I will adamantly support the flames and the system they executed tonight. It just didn't work tonight. I hope they don't change for tomorrow. Speaking about tomorrow....

I really hope we see Curtis Mac tomorrow. It is the perfect opportunity to show not only that the Flames support Curtis Mac as their back-up, but that they believe that Mac can win games that are important in the flames season. I know he played an "important" game in Detroit, but really, back then did we really expect the Flames to beat Detroit? It was a superficial "important" game. This game tomorrow is an actual important game. It's a game that shows that we can bounce back from a loss, that this isn't just a streak and is the REAL Flames, a team that will consistently win 14 out of 15 games, 18 out of 20, whatever high plateau you put a ELITE team at. So I say give the vote of confidence to Curtis Mac, show that we can play sans Kipper, give him a rest for god's sake, and show the league that we are the top 5 team that we have been emulating for the past month.

Today was a wake up call. We can't win every game yet. We aren't San Jose, Boston, or Detroit. We are getting closer. Tomorrow is another test. I will be all eyes and ears tomorrow to see if the Calgary Flames show up.
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