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"Mr. Positive"
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Ok so Sundin dosen't stink but the statement is true. If the Canucks do actually land this fat fish it may take up more room in the tank than we can afford.

Think about next year (because this is a two year deal) we have dome pretty big signings coming up i.e. Sedins, Edler. Ohlund, Krijacek, Burrows, Shannon, Pettinger, Bernier. Do you see any of these players taking a cut? No?

So where is the space going to come from? Not from trading away it sounds like we want to trade for quality players and that means contracts that match the talent we want. So what do we do?

Sign this big fish and allow him to push out younger players that we no longer can afford? I though we were going to allow room for the Youth to move?

As much as I love Sundin and watching him play all out I don't think his addition makes this team as good as people think because it compromises what we can do in the future. If we had some of the above mentioned people under contracts through next year Sundin would be a great addition but as it stands. The future looks dimmer with Sundin standing in our way.

The Cap is not going up enough next year to help us and if that is what we are counting on to happen, I am worried because that is relying on hope instead of fact and thought through decisions.

Dosen't the trade for Vermette make more sense as it gives us way more cap space to move with. But that is speculation on rumours so take it for what it is worth.
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