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"Mr. Positive"
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Mr. Positive

Posted November 17, 2008
Now I really did not know Pavel Demitra before this year. I knew who he was as a player on the ice and that he was not the healthiest of players. But as this year goes on I am becoming more and more impressed with him as a person. Sure the three assists in his first game back after cracked ribs that kept him out of the line up for 10 games is nice. But the complements this guy has for all of his t... Read More »

Luongo Impressive... Offense not as much

Posted November 14, 2008
Well it is still a day away from our next game but I can't help but write about what went on the last week and a half in Canuck land. Luongo shook of the rust and lose of his hair to show every team why they should be worried when he is between the pipes. His play is something that I personally come to love from the elite goalies in the league. There is something absolutely beautiful about goal... Read More »
Ok so Sundin dosen't stink but the statement is true. If the Canucks do actually land this fat fish it may take up more room in the tank than we can afford. Think about next year (because this is a two year deal) we have dome pretty big signings coming up i.e. Sedins, Edler. Ohlund, Krijacek, Burrows, Shannon, Pettinger, Bernier. Do you see any of these players taking a cut? No? So where is... Read More »


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