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"Mr. Positive"
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Well it is still a day away from our next game but I can't help but write about what went on the last week and a half in Canuck land.

Luongo shook of the rust and lose of his hair to show every team why they should be worried when he is between the pipes. His play is something that I personally come to love from the elite goalies in the league. There is something absolutely beautiful about goalies when they are on. It seems that they are able to stretch that extra bit, move that much faster, and play beyond human ability to stop that little black puck.

Even in the last game you could tell the Avs were pocking as many pins into their Luongo voodoo dolls as they could on the bench. Some of those goal mouth scrambles really should have gone their way but Lou seemed to be everywhere.

I am looking forward to Hockey night in Canada to see how Luo and the Boys do against a surprising Leafs power play. Can't believe they are in the top Five with the man advantage. And with Bieksa going down we are going to play even tighter defence as a team.

On the Off side of the puck... are you kidding me! I mean how many chances do we have to have? I am not putting the blame on anyone we played well in the Avs end we just couldn't put the puck across the line. Sedins cycled and drove the net well, Wellwood and his twin giants played strong hockey, Kesler and Burrows were as good as they have been all year. So why didn't that little puck want to cross the line? I don't know you tell me and don't say it was from lack of effort because we tried yes we did we just had no luck.
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peter budaj. steve bernier really should have potted a few
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