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"Mr. Positive"
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Mr. Positive

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Now I really did not know Pavel Demitra before this year. I knew who he was as a player on the ice and that he was not the healthiest of players. But as this year goes on I am becoming more and more impressed with him as a person. Sure the three assists in his first game back after cracked ribs that kept him out of the line up for 10 games is nice. But the complements this guy has for all of his team mates after a game is great. The positive nature in which he carries himself and talks to the media is refreshing to say the least. You might be thinking of course he is going to complement his line mates but it is how he does that sets him a part. This guy is a veteran who is building up and helping those around him. I am excited to see how he and Wellwood continue to play together and to see who their line mate will be Pyatt or Bernier?

Besides his one slip up one TO’s first goal with not getting the puck out when he had a chance that was a great game for his first one back and I hope he just builds of this one.
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