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Jeremy Rutherford who covers the Blues for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and stltoday.com had this to say yesterday prior to the Blues game in Columbus:

"Murray continues to emphasize the work Perron is getting off the ice. While everyone agrees with that, I get the feeling that some in the club want to see Perron in a game soon. That decision continues to be left with Murray."

So maybe fans are not the only ones scratching their heads as to why after eight games, David Perron has been a healthy scratch now seven times. Perron is one of the three Blues 2007 First Round Draft Picks that made the Blues roster in Training Camp.

So, what exactly is going on here? I think we've heard all of the rationale, that Perron is getting quality practice time, he's training against top line NHL defensemen, he's getting weight training, proper diet tips, etc. But at some point doesn't a 19 year old need to be playing hockey somewhere in real live games?

I'm almost to the point where I'm really starting to disagree with how this situation is being handled. Is Andy Murray really, truly THAT loyal to the veterans that he doesn't want to sit one of them in favor of getting Perron into the line up? He had no trouble sitting Dan Hinote in favor of getting Mike Johnson into the line up Saturday night even though Hinote had been playing his tail off.

Will Murray's opinion be different next season when dealing with T.J. Oshie or Patrick Berglund? I certainly hope so.

We can see the energy that the young players brings to this line up game in and game out with David Backes, Jay McClement and Lee Stempniak, so this situation has me a bit puzzled.

I understand patience is necessary when developing young players into the NHL but at some point I think Perron needs to be playing somewhere in live action. Perhaps others in the upper management of the Blues feel the same way.
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October 26, 2007 3:32 PM ET | Delete
Couldn't agree more, but it does look like Perron will be suiting up on Saturday. Hopefully he'll get a few games in a row so we can really see what we've got here.
October 26, 2007 6:14 PM ET | Delete
Like everyone I am excited to see this kid play especially after the Blues generated all of the excitement about him before and during camp. No one besides AM, Perron, and Blues Management know the real story. But my guess would be that JD and AM have been charged with first and foremost getting the Scotttrade Center filled up again and you do that by winning and establishing a winning culture and they are having some success with this early on especially with the poor performances by the Cardinals and the Rams.The future is very important and developing the young talent, including Perron will be critical. But right now they are more focused on winning games than they are on developing young players. Perron will draw some fans but mostly the diehards. The average and semi-interested fans that are necessary to fill the place up only respond to winning. When AM and JD know they can win regularly with Perron in the lineup you will see him much more frequently.
October 27, 2007 12:09 AM ET | Delete
First of all Perron is about a draw he's the type of player that in our lineup makes our team more capable of winning. The bottom line is that we lack a player to have three balanced scoring lines. We've been lucky so far that our top line has been clicking and the second line has been creating chances but we need that third line to continue the offensive pressure. Look at how fellow first round 2007 picks have fared so far this season and everyone of them according to the scouts and the analysts wouldn't be playing this year. Only in Chicago where the owner said Kane will play the first nine games to see where he's at and if he's good enough he'll stick with the big club and not be sent back the London Knights.good blog degroat. i'm in agreement with you. andy murray is a smart coach but sometimes you wonder if he out thinks himself a la pulling the goalie with 2:34 left and down by two. that's way to early to be doing that. Please dear god let Perron play and sit dj king or someone. give one of the old guys a break now and then. get this kid playing he's amazing. what he weight and boyes did on a line in the preseason was sick out right sickness and smoothness.
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