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After having to sit through another boring baseball season (which was compounded by the Cardinals playing like crap), and realizing that pro football just doesn't seem as much fun anymore (I'm sure my crappy rams have something to do with it, still love college though), I get to finally watch the greatest sport in the world!! Though the season starts tonight (and I will have versus on while getting the pad ready for tomorrow (except for a half hour chunk so I can watch the new South Park)), tomorrow is when my Blues get to start in Pheonix. While I would complain about a west coast start for the second year in a row, I wisely decided to just take Friday off of work and allow myself to enjoy the game. Tomorrow after work I will be stopping by Mateker's meat market and catering and picking up some food, then by the liquor store to make sure the beer is ready to go (I may do that tonight to make sure it is nice and cold for the game). Everything from cold cuts to mini pizzas to nachos will be available as I have a bunch of friends and loved ones over to enjoy the kickoff of what I hope will be an exciting Blues season. Hockey at Doc's is starting to become a tradition ever since I got back from graduate school, and making a ton of food is something I like forward to every year. So I now ask you, do you have any special traditions for the first game, or are you planning a big party (obviously this is if your team starts on the road, I will be posting my first home game tradition next week before the Blues opener)
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October 4, 2007 1:06 PM ET | Delete
Beer and Chicken Wings ( from Buffalo )
October 10, 2007 12:51 AM ET | Delete
i can't remember. this is my first opener since the lockout. the last two seasons i was iraq(until january). so i got to see like fifteen minutes of a game once right before i had to go back out for a mission. i saw carolina raise a Cup while i waited for a flight back home or so i thought before they extended us. so this year i'll take it in by myself...just enjoying the moment.
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