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Home Opener Eve

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Twas the night before the opener and all through the arena
The techs are testing the speakers by playing funky cold medina
The Zamboni's are out to make the ice real smooth
And the Vendors are hooking up the kegs full of ice cold brews
The Skates are being sharpened with oh so much care
In hopes that goals will be scored in threes or in pairs
And I the ticket holder can hardly wait
Hockey is here and I know it will be great
And to what to my eyes should appear in a hurry
My favorite team lead by Coach Murray
On Walt, On Kariya, on Weight, and on Stempi
On Jackman, and Johnson, and Jammer and Legace
Fight hard for those pucks and fire that puck on net
We may not be the best but other teams will not forget
How hard you worked and how much heart is in you
and the arena that shook when the fans shouted Lets go Blues
With work comes wins and a successful season
The fans want to come back lets give them a reason
And I heard him shout as the blues walked through the bench's gate
Lets win 'em a game team, skate boys skate
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damn im so pumped
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