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Marc Savard

Posted 9:34 PM ET | Comments 0
Outside of Pittsburgh, San Jose and Minnesota I really don't follow too many players. Alex Ovechkin is about the only one I like watching because of what he can do.

But after watching the NHL's All-Star Skills Competition tonight, I've decided I really like Marc Savard. Savard was mic'd up and had the ear bud in, serving as an on-ice correspondant along with Zach Parise. Savard made it to the final round of the Elimination Shootout event, allowing him plenty of time on camera and on mic. His attitude was impressive. I love it when players are having fun and showing it. Marc impressed me by showing he's not just a skilled player, but a great guy in general.

Along with teammate Zdeno Chara, who I've always enjoyed watching since he was with Ottawa, there are now two Bruins I enjoy watching.
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