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Alright, its almost October and Im eagerly anticipating the upcoming season. To help facilitate my excitement, I decided to watch last years playoffs between the Flyers and Penguins. It was easily apparent the Penguins were targeting the Flyer d-men, especially Timonen, by physically pounding them at every opportunity. I saw Kunitz and Cooke teeing off on the smaller Flyer d-men with all-too-much regularity. A rough game in the playoffs is totally expected and definitely the norm and using such tactics has merit. However, with big hits - legal or otherwise - comes retribution.

Here is one scenario I would love to see for this coming season:

Chris Pronger "introducing" himself to the Pens, especially the aforementioned duo. In my world on 10/8 I would see Prongs dropping the gloves with either of these two Pens and teaching them a lesson that this type of behavior will not be tolerated anymore. Heres hoping Pronger was informed of what went on last April or perhaps watched the series himself and gets an understanding of what took place. I would also endorse any of the current Flyers to undertake this mission, but having Pronger do this would be a clear indication that there is a new sheriff in the Atlantic division.

Lets go Flyers!
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