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"San Diego Flyer Fan"
San Diego, CA • United States •
Well it looks like the Flyers failed in their first test to see if they can match up with the Stanley Cup Champion Penguins. The Flyers shot themselves in the foot right from the beginning of the game giving up a PP goal to Malkin within the few minutes. Then once they tie the game and get the momentum, it is quickly given away as Stall scores on the next shift. The Flyers were never able to establish their game throughout the entire session and were never able to catch back up. Too many turnovers, blown coverages, and missed opportunities kept the Flyers chasing throuhgout the tilt. Besides the Carter line scoring all the goals, the only bright spot was keeping that whining Crosby off the scoresheet.

Given the Flyers fell behind so quickly, I can understand them not wanting to take a needless penalty as they played catch-up. However, it appeared to me the Pens started to take more and more liberties with the smaller Flyer defensemen, leading to turnover after turnover. At what point is someone going to send a message to Cooke and Kunitz that this behavior is no longer going to be tolerated?!?!? I was hoping Pronger would "reacquaint" himself to Kunitz at the end of the game as Pronger looked to have a stranglehold on the dimunitive Penguin. Alas, it was not to be. Im sure the incident with Hartnell and Letang will carry over into their next game where the Orange and Black can get back to Flyer hockey and show those Penguins we can compete.

Im eagerly looking forward to Dec 15th for the rematch

Best Flyer of the Game
Jeff Carter. 2+2 even while matching up against Crysby is a good sign for the playoffs

Worst Flyer of the Game
Brayden Coburn. How many turnovers can he have in one game?!? I know his partner Timonen did not have a strong game, but Coburn needs to be stronger on the puck and smarter without it.

Best Opponent of the Game
Jordan Staal. His use of his size and reach was amazing on his goal that occured right after the Flyers had tied the score at 1. He was strong throughout the game, but his goal was spectacular.
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