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San Diego, CA • United States •
Sorry Im a couple days late on writing this blog. Time has been in short supply lately, but here it goes.

First, I have a complaint about Versus. Being a Flyer fan in San Diego, it makes it very difficult to watch the games live. Thank God for the DVR, as I can now see the game when I get home. Usually the time alotted for the game is more than enough as NHL Center Ice allocates 3 hours per game. However, Versus does not and only assigns 2 1/2 hours for the game, therefore as Im watching this very exciting and highly contested game, the DVR time suddenly runs out with about 5 minutes left in the game. HUH? WTF? WHO WON?!?! I understand that they are trying to figure out their own programming and that most games fall right around this time limit during the regular season. However, what I dont understand is why they would keep the same 2 1/2 hour allotment during opening day, home openers, retirements, etc. as those games generally run longer. Anyways, I know I can always adjust my DVR settings and will have to do this in the future. Just a drag to not see the end of such a good game.

Game notes:

First period
Flyers find themselves on the PK three times and cannot keep giving the highly skilled Caps these golden opportunities. Penalty killers do a great job and Emery looks solid. He made a great save that led directly to a an interference penalty (very weak call IMO). Good defense on both sides. Highlight of the period is Richie almost KO'ing Ovechkin. Looked like OV was upset after the near miss. Perhaps this is a new rivalry in the making

Second Period
Whoa! What an explosion of goals as both teams total 7 tallies. Carle looks very poised and composed with the puck as he has 4 assists during the period. Ovechkin scores twice in short succession, but is topped by Richards who has a 2nd-period hat trick. Couple more poor calls by the refs tonight on goalie interference and Powe for a tripping call when he was on the ice and the legs got tangled. Varlamov looks very shaky in net and had a major flub which led directly to Richards' third goal. Low light of the period is JVR's awkward fall in the boards. He looked to be in a lot of pain and eventually was helped off the ice. He skated only a few shifts after this incident

Third Period
Powe used his speed and hustles to beat out a potential icing, which leads to a penalty. However, it is a PP goal by Semin and a redirection off of Morrison's foot that contribute to the Caps taking a 5-4 lead. My DVR cuts out with the Flyers on the PP with 5 minutes left to play. UGH!

Best Flyer of the Game
Richards. Hands down. He looks like an animal out there and is rewarded with 3 goals tonight

Worst Flyer of the Game
Coburn. He looked really bad when he was schooled by Semin. The other Alex is highly skilled with some great moves so I dont want to be too hard on Coburn, but he was caught looking at the puck and not on the body. Reminds me of the game last year when he looked horrible against Hemsky and the Oilers.

Best Opponent of the Game
Ovechkin. He is amazing and is on a tear. He was quoted last year making the prediction he would get 60 goals this year and is well on his way. Remember, he scored 56 last year and had a horrible start to the season. He is definitely the most exciting player in the NHL

Great game with exciting end-to-end rushes after a defensive start. Both these teams deserved the win and the game could have gone either way. These teams dont like each other very much and the other 3 games promise to be more of the same. Emery gave up 5 goals, but IMO only 1 (OV's first) could have been stopped. Varlamov has looked shaky in his two games and it will be interesting if the rookie can tighten up his game and take over as the number 1 goalie. For now it has to go to Theodore, but he doesnt seem to inspire much confidence back there. Great come from behind victory against a tough opponent. While the game was very fun to watch, the Flyers do need to improve their defense as they cannot expect to win many 6-5 games in the long run
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The great game was
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