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Today was a pretty crazy day for me. At about 2 o'clock my cell phone was going off the hook with text messages about my favorite hockey player, Simon Gagne. These texts lasted for about 2 hours.

The first text I got told me Simon had hurt himself at the first day of Canada Camp. As more texts came the story began to further itself that he had hurt his groin. This then turned into him re-injuring the hip he had surgery on this past summer. The news of the hip was very alarming, because something like that could put him out for months.

This story has finally slowed down, as the media has settled on it being a groin pull. Simon will be back in Philly tomorrow to get further evaluation from team doctors. Simon seems positive that he will be ready in time for Flyers Training Camp.

My thoughts are that is is a very minor injury. Simon doesn't want to take any chances to further hurt it at Team Canada Camp, as I would think the Flyers would be a bigger priority for him.

As for his chances on making the team now. I realize leaving the Camp will hurt his chances, but I believe he should still make it. He has proven to be a substantial player in the last few Olympics.

Simon was the youngest player in 2002 when they won Gold. He has also been there through the down times, so he has much experience on wins & losses with the team. Keeping Simon would be great for Veteran leadership and Simon's versatility on the ice would not go unnoticed.

According to quotes in an article on Comcast Sportsnet's website, the Team Canada coaches and staff told Simon to not worry about it. They already know what he is capable of.

The full article for Simon's injury can be found here...
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