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Thoughts On Fantasy Hockey

Posted 12:42 AM ET | Comments 3
I have considered for a very long time joining a Fantasy Hockey League. I feel like it would be fun to create my own hockey team with the player I choose. And of course, there is the money factor! Who doesn't wanna gamble at winning some extra spending money?
But in the end, I have yet to create my Fantasy Team. The main reason I do not believe in Fantasy hockey is because it takes you allegiance away from your favorite or home town team. Being a die hard Flyers fan, I believe that all the Flyers are great players and fully support the majority of them. Playing against a team that has multiple Flyers would totally affect how I go about cheering for my team.
Imagine I am playing a team in the Fantasy League who has Arron Asham on it. What if Asham scores in the game? Do I cheer, or am I upset because it hurts my personal gain? What if this game is a crucial one in my Fantasy League?
I have a friend up here at school who had a similar situation. His second favorite NHL team is Detroit, Flyers being the first. He had many of their players on his team, as he had many Flyers as well. When the Flyers were playing the Wings. He told me he was cheering for the Wings to win to help his team. Even though at the time the Flyers were fighting for a playoff spot.
Something like that is just not right. I also feel that Fantasy Teams cause for unfair judgement of a player. The leagues are based solely on points, so what happens to the guys who make beautiful plays or the guys who can change momentum with a big hit. They go unnoticed in the league.
I believe that the recent upswing of Fantasy Teams has caused fans to look at players in the wrong way. It causes them to be far too judgmental over guys who are amazing athletes. Just watch the game and cheer for your team, AND the players on it.
September 8, 2009 7:34 PM ET | Delete
I am a HUGE Flyer fan and I have played in hockey pools and fantasy sports for a long time.It's very easy to separate that from cheering for your team.No worries, just go have fun.
September 9, 2009 12:42 AM ET | Delete
Agreed. Your allegience to the Flyers will always hold true even if they get shutout by your fantasy goalie. Trust me, you will still be frustrated by the loss
September 28, 2009 9:58 PM ET | Delete
Glad to hear! I am obviously writing from personal experience and know WAY too many people who put their fantasy teams before the Flyers.
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