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Three Days...

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I have not been blogging lately as I have been extremely busty up at College. Here are some random notes on the Philadelphia Flyers to catch up on my writing. I will make better attempts in the future to keep my blog better updated.

The Philadelphia Flyers open up their season on Friday against the Carolina Hurricane. This season is one full of high expectations. I feel this season is also full of questions. The first being, how will Ray Emery do in his return to the NHL. I personally have confidence in Emery. I did not at first, but, it is obvious that he realizes he is at risk of never playing in the NHL again unless he can behave this season. Emery has shown he is ready to compete. He has put up a couple solid performances during the preseason and from what it sounds like (I obvious could not attend training camp because I am in Boston, but have had many friends attend), he is doing an excellent job in camp.
Brian Boucher will start the season scratched after being injured in the preseason. This will put Johan Backlund as the Flyers' back up. It seems the Flyers are putting a lot of faith in this goaltender. However, I doubt he will see more than one game because it seems like Boucher will be quick to recover.
Another question raised is that of James van Riemsdyk. Van Riemsdyk has been kicking ass at training camp and has excelled in the preseason. It is obvious that van Riemsdyk will be making the opening night roster. I, personally, do not feel this is the correct move. I saw van Riemsdyk playing at UNH multiple times, and was never very impressed by his play. He threw a lot of cheap shots during games and was in the penalty box more than anyone would want their star player to be. I believe van Riemsdyk needs a year int he AHL before moving to the NHL to work on his control and discipline.
With Randy Jones being put on waivers and ultimately sent to the Phantoms, as it looks like he will be, Danny Syvret will be gearing up in the Orange and Black. Syvret proved last year with the Phantoms that he is more than capable on the defensive line. It is looking like he will be a last line d-man to start the season.
Last season left many Flyers fans disappointed in the season Danny Briere had. He was injured for most of it, and when he did play, it was obvious he was not playing like himself. The preseason has proven that he is ready to take his role as a top scorer on the team. He has been playing as if he was never hurt last year, something all Flyers fans are happy to see.
Something that has not been talked about much for next season, but I question is the Captain, Mike Richards. I do not think that the Captaincy will be taken from him, but I feel he really needs to step up as captain. It was widely talked about last year that the Flyers were partying too much and the front office did not approve one bit. Who was at the center of the late night bar scene? Mike Richards. The one who is supposed to set an example on and OFF the ice for the team.

It should surely be an interesting season and hopefully this year, the Flyers can have a very successful season! GO FLYERS!
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