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Flyers Season Preview

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With the homestretch coming for the season, here are some predictions for the Flyers.

1. The Pronger trade will prove to be a great move for the Flyers. He creates the matchup advantage that the Flyers have not had for years. Teams can try to avoid Pronger at home, but they will likely get Timonen as the matchup. Not what they want either. My suggestion is to split the 3 top defenders (Pronger, Kimo, Coburn) over the 3 pairs and always have a top defender out there.

2. The Flyers depth in scoring up front will continue. Hartnell, Gagne, Richards, Giroux, Briere, JVR, Carter....not many teams can list a group like that up front. Again matchups favor the Flyers as most nights a couple of talented guys will get to play against a 3rd pair of defenders.

3. Emery is ready to be a star. This guy is saying and doing all the right things. After a year in Russia sleeping on army cots, he now understands what a privilege it is to play in the NHL. He has always had the ability, now he has the drive to prove everyone wrong.

4. Carcillo and Cote. These experiments will not last long. Cote is a willing combatant every night, however as a "heavyweight" he gets his butt kicked night after night. We don't need him. We have Pronger, Hartnell, Lapierre, Richards, Toleffson. Plenty of guys that can fight. Carcillo just hasn't gotten past the point that hockey is a team game and evening the score on a personal level isn't part of the game.

5. Matt Carle if paired with Pronger all year will be a great asset. He is a high-risk, fast, offensive defenseman. With Pronger out there with him, he will create!

6. Claude Giroux will win the Calder Trophy as the Flyers first Rookie of the Year in history. Even though Bill Barber got the shaft. Steve Vickers PLEASE!!!! Giroux will get to play big minutes with top players on a great team. He will get the points and the press to win the award.

I am so psyched to see meaningful hockey. Go Flyers. Let's get this season started and let's get Comcast to stop the overpriced charges and get Versus back on DirecTV.
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