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"The NHL and Flyers"
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Just one short week....

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Only 7 days until the NHL season kicks off with all the teams in action. I am so looking forward to the drop of the puck as the 2009-10 season gets underway. As a long time Flyers fan, the additions of Pronger, Emery and Boucher has me very excited!

I am a firm believer in pecking order within a team. Teams that can maintain their pecking order during the season and the playoffs win. What this means to me is that your 3rd line players, play 3rd line minutes. When you start losing top guys, role players are moved up and must play against better players in the matchup and look lost.

The reason I mention this is that the Flyers are going to be very hard to play against. Pronger is the top dog on D for Philly. This means that the 2nd line players from other teams now have to deal with Kimo, and that is a matchup that favors Philly.

The same can be said up front. With the emergence or Giroux, Richards can now drop into a defensive role and knows that Claude can carry the offense. Richards is the best defensive forward in the NHL and he can stop any other player in the league, IF he doesn't have to be the top scoring threat. I look at him now like Modano a few years back where he still scored big time goals, but he was the top stopper too!

Lastly, the Flyers should let Randy Jones play elsewhere this year. Dan Syvret is a much less expensive option for a 3rd pair defender.

Go FLYERS! I can't wait.
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