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"Derek martineau's look into oil country"
Edmonton, AB • Canada • 25 Years Old • Male
So as the it nears the end of the second period the oil are down 4-1, i start thinking that i am watching this oil team relapse in to Mac-T mode. Then i see the teachings of Quinn come into play, his motivation and coaching style take hold of the game and we witness 5 straight goals to win 6-4.

The new top line.
pens, gags, and hemmers clicked just 58 seconds into the first period. every time dp touched the puck there was a chance to score. we witnessed last night the maturation of penner. gagner was winning draws, hemmers looked like the world class player we all know him to be, this line lit up a columbus squad for 13 points. penner 2g-3a hemmers 1g-4a and gagner 1g-2a. horcs looked a hell of a lot better on the 2nd line. I believe and hope this line will be stay together, this wasn't a move to spark horcs, this was a move to get a true number one line. they have one and if they continue to produce we may see the best hockey we have seen in oil country since the 06 cup run.
The oilers have been decimated by injuries, and illness to start the season and lets be honest that comeback last night was not expected. hoped but not expected.
a comeback in my opinion was one of the best we have seen.
Khabi looked human last night but made the stops in the 3rd when he had to. but the offense came out in the 3rd like a bat out of hell.
One player not getting enough praise in Smid, his sound defensive play have made him and his partner visnovsky a great shut down pair.
Chorney and Struds. this pairing is getting alot of ice time and are doing fairly well for a rook and a slow vet. This team has stepped up in facing adversity from injury, and i am pleasantly surprised. With Penner sitting 4th in the league in scoring and the oil 4th in the league in standings, this team looks poised to end the habit of the last 3 years. Gagner has started strong something he hasn't done in the last 2 yrs, and taking over as the number 1 center we are going to watch the making of a star. there is much to be excited about in oil country this year.

this is a big weekend for the oil as they play back to back games against calgary on saturday and vancouver on sunday. this is a real test to break the demons of two last minute defeats against the flames. i believe they need more than just Penner to win these two games. with the possibility of brule not making the trip expect to see strudwick playing forward. comrie was sent home for the second day in a row.
with that said don't be surprised to see peckham called up on an emergency basis.
This is the first real road test for the oilers as they have only played two games on the road thus far, and with it being against two northwest division rivals the oil have a chance to give themselves a lead over the flames and make the lead over the limping canucks even larger.

A shout out to some of my boys heading down to Calgary for the game!!! display true oiler pride. it wont be hard to spot these boys as they will be the area in oiler jerseys!!!
October 23, 2009 8:15 PM ET | Delete
Hey good blog again. I think the top line could have scored more in the first period if Garon was not hot.And I would like to see what Peckham can do if called up.
October 24, 2009 1:27 PM ET | Delete
did you notice i was right about peckham
October 24, 2009 3:22 PM ET | Delete
peckham is a furious stay at home dman who would keep the flames goons in check all night!! with the events of last game between cgy and edm i would expect some fireworks!!
October 25, 2009 10:53 PM ET | Delete
Nilsson WTF? Why does this guy play in the NHL?
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