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"Derek martineau's look into oil country"
Edmonton, AB • Canada • 25 Years Old • Male
With the post season being as entertaining as ever, not much has been in the news regarding a busy offseason ahead for the Oilers of Edmonton.
With Sheldon Souray most likely gone at the draft and the same can be said for Moreau and either Nillson or O’Sullivan. The attention has now turned to what would be a welcome return or even better what could be a steal. The oilers will most like buyout Robert Nillson. I firmly believe there is a deal to be had with Patty O, most likely to an eastern conference team, like lets say the islanders for a 5th or 6th round pick. moreau will be dealt to a potential contender looking for grit and leadership, i would say he will fetch a 3rd or 4th round pick. Now to the Elephant in the organization, Sheldon Souray. The fact that he made a trade request over a year ago and then proceeded to break his hand in a fight with Iginla (pointless and served no good) stopped th oilers from moving him at the deadline. After the season was over he decided gripe and complain to the media and make his demands public. This will most definitely bring his trade value to a minimum. Maybe move him along with Cogliano to Florida to acquire either Nathan Horton or Stephen Wiess. Either way the panthers get the dman they need to help McCabe and they get a reliable and speedy forward. With that being said i believe a hard push will be made by Edmonton to get both Kovalchuck and Armstrong or Marleau and Armstong. I believe they will land Armstrong.
The focus is on the future.

The oilers have a very interesting dilemma they have eberle ready. They have MPS Ready. Omark is a possibility. Then there is the guarantee of Taylor Hall. If the oilers are not drafting him they will inturn deal that pick to boston. (won’t happen) Hall will be an oiler!

The Oil will be a new team next year with youth, promise. Lets remember that as they wont be a serious competitor but they will improve on this years finish.

Hope to see some oil fans at the draft!
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