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"Derek martineau's look into oil country"
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Taylor Hall Chooses number!?

Posted September 7, 2010
it appears as if Taylor Hall has picked his number. Sportsnet is reporting that he has chosen the number 4, previously worn by now president of hockey operations Kevin Lowe. an official announcement is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Read More »

Coyotes make a move.

Posted June 9, 2010
As of an 6:45 pm mst Scottie upshall has signed a 1 yr deal with coyotes. Read More »

A little here and a little there.

Posted May 18, 2010
With the post season being as entertaining as ever, not much has been in the news regarding a busy offseason ahead for the Oilers of Edmonton. With Sheldon Souray most likely gone at the draft and the same can be said for Moreau and either Nillson or O‚ÄôSullivan. The attention has now turned to what would be a welcome return or even better what could be a steal. The oilers will most like... Read More »
First off i believe one hundred percent that those who were angered and offended by the beers, and the stogies are just upset they're great american team ran into a canadian squad destined for greatness. It seems like having lost the last three onlympics has soured the fans of the womens olympic squad. this is canada and here we celebrate wins, births, weddings, graduations, and last but not least... Read More »
So as the it nears the end of the second period the oil are down 4-1, i start thinking that i am watching this oil team relapse in to Mac-T mode. Then i see the teachings of Quinn come into play, his motivation and coaching style take hold of the game and we witness 5 straight goals to win 6-4. The new top line. pens, gags, and hemmers clicked just 58 seconds into the first period. every time... Read More »


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