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I find your lack of faith disturbing. (on the oilers ability to come last), YT • Canada • 2012 Years Old • Male
first of all I have The Hockey news to thank for the idea of a third team but the rest is all my own thoughts.

For the First All Star Team you get ten sports writers to pick their top 21 top players and these are your "First All Stars". I don't mean just anyone either, people like Bob Mckenzie and Mike Milbury will pick this team. So this would be the team to beat and they would play the winners of the first game on sunday with the first game being played on saturday.

For teams two and three you take the players not on the First All star that recieved the most fan votes and make them the captains. These two captains have the entire NHL at their disposel for the fantasy draft but can only pick two players from their own team. This will take away the need for the car and charity money for the last pick lowering the cost of the draft. These two teams will play on saturday to determine whos plays team one on sunday. The winner of the sunday game will get one hundred thousand dollars for the charity(s) of the teams choice.

The skills competition will be played on friday with the team with the most points at the end (same system as this year) will be spotted a goal in their first game. all players selected have to play or they will automatically be suspended for two games, any injured players will be seen by a third party doctor to determine if they can be excused from the game. These rules will insure the best of the best will play in the tournment.

so what do you think?
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just to put this out my writing credentials are a award winning book which is a best seller in canada available on amazon: http://www.amazon.ca/Delta-My-Home-Tom-McLeod/dp/1897252323PS: I am no longer that young.
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