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The Circle Of Life

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Jerome Iginla is on the verge of getting his 500th goal both in his career and as a flame but the team is out of the playoffs and have missed for the last two years. Iggy as he has come to be known by flames fans was drafted by the Dallas Stars 11th overall in 1995 but was quickly traded to Calgary after the draft for Joe Nieuwendyk the Stars won the cup with Nieuwendyk but Iggy is now the all time leader in Calgary Flames points, goals and as won many major awards. In 2002 and 2004 Iggy won the Rocket Richard Trophy for the most goals on the and the Art Ross for most points in 2002.

The flames have been really bad at making trades for almost as long as the franchise as been in Calgary but the Iginla trade was one of the few "wins" the flames have had in the category. The Flames have traded away few stars most in very lopsided trades like the most recent the "Phenuef trade" Dion Phenuef, Kieth Aulie, and Fred Sjodstrom for Matt "franchise" stajan, Nik Hagman, Jamal Mayers, and Ian White we all know how the turned out (badly) and there was that time we traded away Bret Hull, or that time we traded away doug gilmour.

Getting down to the point what of we trade Iggy? The Flames have some good young or semi young players starting with Mark giordano, Jay Bouwmeaster,Chris Butler, Derek Smith and TJ Brodie all well under thirty with Brodie is just over 20. The forwards are not nearly as young but with Greg Nemiz doing well in Abottsford and Sven Bèrtschi almost making the team straight out of the draft, Mikeal Backlund is with the big club and playing some important minutes. Some lesser not so much "sure things" are Ryan Howse who could end up being a top six goal scorer, Max Rheinhart a good two way centre, and Markus Granlund who is basically his brother but one year younger and not as dangerous. Iginla could bring in a 1st pick (or two) a good roster player and a blue chip prospect (possibly two). If we trade iggy my guess is a fire sale of the older players would occur meaning trading Kipper would bring in a 1st and a blue chiper. Olli Jokinen, Renne Bourqe and Lee Stempniak are other players that could bring in a high pick and a prospect. This boat could be turned around very quickly with some good manegment so my question isn't to trade iggy and company away its should we trust Jay Faster with such an important task.
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