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11 Forwards
1. Alex Ovechkin : A constant threat to score 50 goals and 100 points there has been no one with more consistent point production and health in recent memory. need I say more?
2. Steven Stamkos: Will he score 50 goals? It’s either that or high 40s there is not much mystery to what his goal and point totals will be and that’s always a good thing.
3. Henrik Sedin: Does your league like assists? Then “Hank” is your man with 5 years with 60 assist or more and an Art Ross in 2009-10 to top it off.
4. Daniel Sedin: If you pick one Sedin a Big trade to get the other would be a good idea because they usually “share” the point these are good twins.
5. Martin St. Louis: the Ying to Stamkos’s Yang another guy who is known for setting up goals but can still pot 30 every year.
6. Evgeni Malkin: Here is a guy with all the tools to put together a 100 point 40 goal season but for the past 2 years just hasn’t whether it be injury’s or just a bad scoring slump BUT the potential for a big season is still there.
7. Corey Perry: His 50 led the NHL last year who’s to say he won’t do it again with some good team mates it’s entirely possible but not a guarantee either.

11 Defenseman
1. Nicklas Lidstrom: A D-man with over 1000 points. This might be his last year but people say that every year, he always performs why not this year?
2. Mike Green: For 2 years he was an above point per game defenseman how often does that happen? He was injured last year so expect him to lead all D-men in points or did that concussion he had last year do more damage than the public is being told?
3. Lubomir Visnovsky: Leading all defenseman with 68 points last year he’s put up points his whole career I expect this year will be no different.
4. Keith Yandle: with 59 points last year on a team with no other stars I see no reason he why he won’t score just as well this year.
5. Dustin Byfuglien : With 20 goals and 53 points last year he is a good mix of goals and assists for those of you that need both.
6. Drew Doughty: With only 1 real worthwhile season in 2009-10 he tallied 59 points that year but regressed last year with only 40 points a bounce back is expected but not guaranteed.
7. Dan Boyle: do you like consistent? Then boyle is the way to go he’ll get you high 40’s or low 50’s in terms of points no questions asked.

8 Goalies
1. Henrik Lundqvist: Last year no goalie won 40 games so a goalie that has won 30 games every year of his career sounds like a good start and with 36 wins and 11 shut outs last year “Hank” is the fantasies go to goalie every year.
2. Tomas Vokoun: the caps have won the east for two years in a row now with a goalie that will play the majority of their games just imagine the amount of wins said goalie will get.
3. Carey Price: Price played more than any other goalie last year even mikka kiprusoff and this led to him being tied for the league lead in wins budaj isn’t as good as auld so maybe he’ll play even more.
4. Roberto Luongo: The canucks keep winning and “lou” has a 10 year deal so he’ll start at least 60 games and get a lot of wins it’s that simple.
5. Ryan Miller: Buffalo upgraded its “D” this year and it will greatly benefit 1 man Miller Enroth may take a few starts from him but expect a big year.

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