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I find your lack of faith disturbing. (on the oilers ability to come last), YT • Canada • 2012 Years Old • Male
lately i have noticed a stupid an really unfounded string of Souray haters guys like richard cloutier who are really low balling the talented defense man. After a month or so i believe these "haters" will change their tune watching the guy with hardest shot in the game on the oil PP scoring goals and being a assist machine (if ANYONE on the oilers can tip). His first pass will be important on a team with presumably 3 offensive lines just one good D Pairing will not be good enough to get the puck to: HAll, Penner, Hemsky and CO.

On the Defensive side of the puck he is one the top notch D men who are not soft Sheldon can throw a check and even back it up with a scrap if he fells necessary. unlike players like: Kaberle, visnosky, and such have put up similar numbers before but have never had the same edge. I'm not saying he's great positional but is Kaberle? (who had a horrible plus/minus) yet hes sought after.

Now to the bad part his injuries that plagued him last year will probably not arise again ( if iggy doesn't hit him FROM BEHIND again) but there are no guarantees for anyone to stay healthy. The thing that has made people hate him is him requesting a trade. answer? the guys old he wants a shot at a cup if Bryan McCabe asked for a trade out of florida hockey fans wouldn't even care but this is Canada and we tend to overreact to hockey related issues.

To sum up

>Richard Cloutier is overreacting as are most other oiler fans

>Souray can still play and put up good numbers if healthy

>asking for a trade out of a bad team is common he's not the to do it and won't be the last

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