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Here are some notes from day three of Blues Development Camp. Today was based solely upon endurance training.

- Today's training was maximum reps endurance skating. Players skate from goal line to goal line and are timed by a stop watch. It's basically a last man standing event to see who has the most endurance.

- Gold team was out first. They were split up into two squads. The first squad consisted of Nikolai Lemtyugov, Aaron Plaushaj, Andy Sackrison, Patrik Berglund, Vladimir Nikiforov, Ryan Reaves, Brett Sonne, and David Fredriksson.

- Second squad of the gold team consisted of Joe Underwood, Chris Saracino, Steve Wagner, Ryan Turek, Travis Turnbull, Charlie Effinger, Reto Berra, Ian Cole, Brian Connelly, Anthony Nigro, and James Livingston.

- Berra and Turnbull both were so winded they collapsed halfway through the drills.

- Blue team was out after gold team was finished. the first squad of the goal team was Eric Nielson, Lars Eller, David Perron, Nicholas Drazenovic, Chris Porter, Julian Talbot, Simon Hjalmarsson, and Philip McRae.

- Blue team second squad was Ryan Prosser, Jonas Junland, Roman Polak, Brandon Bollig, and Michael Davies.

- Blue team third squad was Jean-Phillipe Lamoreux, Paul Karpowich, TJ Fast, Jim Martin, Tony Dehart, and Mark Cundari.

- Players that had the largest number of reps were Lars Eller, Philip McRae, Jonas Junland, Vladimir Nikiforov, and Tony Dehart.

Day 4 of Development camp will be updated after Friday's morning practice.

Nick Boston

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