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"Pens Fan Sweating in Florida"
Jacksonville, FL • United States • 40 Years Old • Male
Teemu Selanne was 4th in line to receive the Stanley Cup after Scott Niedermayer received it from Bettman. 4th? 4th? Really? #2, Rob Niedermayer? #3, Mr. Headhunter, Chris Pronger? Wow. Unbelievable.

The pecking order in Anaheim stands in stark contrast to the class displayed by the Colorado Avalanche when Joe Sakic handed the Cup off immediately to Ray Borque.

C'mon, Scottie. Selanne represents the heart and soul of this relatively young franchise. He's been a standup guy in a career devoid of the Cup. I know Rob is your brother and all, but is he REALLY deserving of number 2 in the pecking order? And, a twice-suspended (in one playoff year) guy gets it next. Selanne has been with the Ducks through thick and thin. Sure, he left for a few seasons to sew some wild oats, but he's been the best face that franchise has had to offer.

Teemu should have been the 2nd guy to get the Cup. Scott, you're a fantastic D-man, but you're not the best author when it comes to storybook endings. Jeers to you in that department.
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