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"Pens Fan Sweating in Florida"
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Tennessee "Pride"

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Go Preds, Go! The ticket drive is on!

Having lived in Tennessee for 10 years, I feel like I can say this: Tennesseans have a nasty habit of "supporting" things without actually supporting them with their pocketbooks. I saw the same thing happen in Knoxville with both it's minor league baseball team and its hockey team (3 incarnations in my 10 years there). It usually takes some shocking circumstance to rattle Tennesseans into action.

Some Tennesseans are like children - someone has to come try to take their toys before they appreciate their toys. "Hey, I was playing with that!" "Well, you weren't just a minute ago..." "Well, I am now. Besides, it's mine!"

It's good to see Tennessee step up and protect its toys now that someone tried to steal their sandbox. Personally, I hope the swelling of Pred pride lasts.
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