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"Pens Fan Sweating in Florida"
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The announcement came down from the IIHF today that an NHL team, the winner of the European Champions Cup and at least one other European club will participate in tournament. The big question is, which NHL team?

The AP quoted Rick Nash as expressing concern over additional toll taken on the body after an already long season.

That said, it wouldn't make much sense for a playoff-level club to play in the Victoria Cup. My suggestion is to award the spot in the tournament to the NHL team that finishes 17th in the overall season standings. That's it, a consolation prize for the "almost in the playoffs" club. The participating club would have almost made the NHL playoffs, so the question of additional wear and tear is moot. The team would have been geared to go at least another 16 games to win the cup if they had made the cut. This would create the opportunity for an extended season.

Using this season's standings as an example, the participating team would have been the Colorado Avalanche.
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May 9, 2007 1:01 PM ET | Delete
Not a bad idea but 17th may not work. It's entirely possible that the #9 team in one conference finishes the season higher than 17th overall. It could theoretically be as high as 12th (not likely but possible). Colorado actually finished the season in 14th place, not 17th. Maybe amend the idea to 'the highest ranked non-playoff team'?
May 9, 2007 1:04 PM ET | Delete
Oh, sorry, forgot the other part of the comment... the IIHF Worlds have shown that many players don't want to play in a post-season tournament that isn't the playoffs. If it were to work, the team/players would need to be obligated to show up (ie like the playoffs or get paid to play). Otherwise, it would end up as a team of AHL players in NHL uniforms.
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