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"Pens Fan Sweating in Florida"
Jacksonville, FL • United States • 40 Years Old • Male
Remember the 2007 trade deadline and how the Ottawa Senators were ballyhooed for failing to make any "big moves" at the deadline? "How could they miss out on Gary Roberts?" people cried. Everyone seemed to be calling for John Muckler's head at the time. Ottawa wasn't faring too well in the standings, either. A lot of people were after Brian Murray, too. Remember when, owner, Eugene Melnyk flew with the team for a few games? He went on record to give Muckler and Murray his vote of confidence and to say that "everything is fine".

Looking back after a 3-0 lead in the ECF, it looks like Melnyk and company were dead-on-target. There's something to be said about standing pat at the poker table, sometimes.
June 24, 2022 8:26 AM ET | Delete
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