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rohllie72 writes...

The Hall of Fame

Posted Tuesday | Comments 0
I was in Toronto on Monday, mainly to visit the Hall. What a beautiful city, Toronto is, I would've gone up in the tower, but my family and I didn't want to fork over $22 bucks a piece to do something all three of us had already done, even though my parents did it 22 years ago...and I did 6. The Hall is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL building, inside and out, the archways in ...
Ok I am taking a break from the whole spin the roulette series just to post this up in anticipation of the season aproaching.I recently got into a debate with a friend as to which games in the NHL are the best match ups. In the end I was able to come up with my top five match ups. Tell me what you think. 5)Dallas Vs SanJose : Well I will be honest I wasn't much of...


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