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Ok I am taking a break from the whole spin the roulette series just to post this up in anticipation of the season aproaching.I recently got into a debate with a friend as to which games in the NHL are the best match ups. In the end I was able to come up with my top five match ups. Tell me what you think.

5)Dallas Vs SanJose : Well I will be honest I wasn't much of a fan until the end of last season where I watched these two duke it out in those end of regular season games. Then amplify everything by 10 for their Playoff matchup. Left my mouth hanging how hard they went at it. Will definitly be watching these two more in the regular season.

4)Leafs Vs Ottawa: I was always loved these matchups . Particularily from the 05-06 season where every match up was more or less a fight on ice that would involve everyone dropping the gloves and going at it.Only to have big Chara sweep in and toss players like Allison and McCabe around like rag dolls. Even with out Chara now and even McCabe , these are still going to be great matches.

3)Edmonton Vs Calgary : I have always been fond of Edmonton , and usually watch them play any night the Habs are not playing. But when they are playing Calgary in a battle of Alberta I will always be glued to the Tv to watch them go at it. Like the provincial rivals Ottawa and Toronto , I find Calgary and Edmonton go at it like animals , fighting for every loose puck and every rebound. Providing the fan ; which is to say I with possibily more entertainment then I can handle.

2)Colorado Vs Detroit : This one is a no brainer . Just the history behind these match-ups is enough to cause my mouth to salvitate. I like most can remember the mid90's match-ups between these two powerhouses. Even though times have changed and the intensity has slightly lessend. I still find these match-ups to be some of the best in the game .

1)Montreal Vs Original Six Teams : Ok I know this is not specific . But when ever the Habs match up against any original six team I find it a speacil treat that takes priority over everything but the basic functions. Such as breathing and bathroom. Which at times is even put on hold or forgotten about respectively in the heat of the moment.

Ok well that is about it for my favourites. how about yours?

P.S- For anyone that reads my Spin the Roulette series , as the season approaches and my time grows shorter . I want to be able to get at least 15 teams done before the season starts. So consider the wheel rigged for a bit , any team in particular you find interesting or suggest that I should do?
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