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Crosby Returning

Posted October 11, 2011
Dirty rumour that Sid-the-Kid will be back in line-up shortly. This is strictly a rumour at this point. Crosby has not yet been cleared for contact, and he is still wearing the red jersey in practise. That being said, the line has opened up on Sidney Crosby's games played this year. Vegas bookrunners have the odds at exactly 50 / 50. On the over under for games played the magic number is 41.5 g... Read More »

Canucks Full Marks for Win

Posted April 27, 2011
Congrats to the Canucks for their win. Well deserved. A few high level comments on the game: 1) Why did the Canucks change their style in the 3rd? They started to hang back and let Chicago gain the offensive zone. Chicago could not get into the Canucks zone the first 2 periods. Then in the 3rd Vancouver started to hang back and defend the lead and Chicago started to carry the play. Why not kee... Read More »
He won't like that he didn't get the start. That is a huge slap in the face. He is one of the best goalies in the league - how do you not play him? In big games, you want your best players to rise to the opportunity and win the game for you. Vancouver didn't give Luongo the chance and you can bet he is taking this personally. He played net and won a gold medal for Canada -- HOW DO YOU NOT... Read More »

Hawks / Canucks Thoughts

Posted April 24, 2011
I thought the Canucks played a good game. Chicago didn't look that great to me. They looked tired, but they got the job done. Good teams know how to win and win games they don't deserve to win, and that is exactly what they did tonight. Cup winners win games they don't deserve to win, simply because they know how to win. Thought both goalies excluding Luongo played awesome. Great game - c... Read More »

Philadelphia - Heads Need to Roll

Posted April 24, 2011
What are the Flyers doing??? Hind sight is 50/50 - Yes - but why start Leighton??? I still don't understand why they didn't ride Bobrovsky. Sure he let in a few stinkers but he had one heck of a season. He is young - he is a rookie - why not get him the playoff experience. Will be interesting to see how Bobrovsky's confidence is after being a healthy scratch for the playoffs. I am a bi... Read More »


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