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"Clear the Track Here Comes Shack"
Toronto • Canada • 28 Years Old • Male
Congrats to the Canucks for their win. Well deserved. A few high level comments on the game:

1) Why did the Canucks change their style in the 3rd? They started to hang back and let Chicago gain the offensive zone. Chicago could not get into the Canucks zone the first 2 periods. Then in the 3rd Vancouver started to hang back and defend the lead and Chicago started to carry the play. Why not keep the pedal to the metal?

2) Mike Gillis soured the taste of the game for me

3) Luongo looked pretty shakey. He was not really tested. I really thought Schneider looked god.

One more - As Bob McKenzie pointed out - lets not forget Luc Bourdon in all of this.
May you rest in peace and may your loved ones find the comfort they deserve.
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