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Hawks / Canucks Thoughts

Posted 11:15 PM ET | Comments 0
I thought the Canucks played a good game. Chicago didn't look that great to me. They looked tired, but they got the job done. Good teams know how to win and win games they don't deserve to win, and that is exactly what they did tonight.

Cup winners win games they don't deserve to win, simply because they know how to win.

Thought both goalies excluding Luongo played awesome.

Great game - can't wait for game 7 - here are some further thoughts

1) Hit on Kevin Bieksa
I don't agree with the rule but as Colin Campbell would say ...”When Rule 48 (Illegal

Check to the Head) was unanimously adopted by the General Managers in March 2010, there was no intention to make this type of shoulder hit to the head illegal. In fact, at that time, we distributed a video to all players and teams that showed a similar hit on a defenseman by an attacking forward coming from the opposite direction behind the net and stated that this is a ‘legal play’.

Keep your head up Bieksa - welcome to the Hitting Zone.

Once you shake off the post-concussion symptoms read the comments you made about Torres hitting Seabrook. Payback is best served cold. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!!!!!

Let me know when you are done in the quiet room

2) Cory Schneider

I thought the kid played great and really helped keep the Canucks in the game - sure he made a few mistakes handling the puck - but I thought he was awesome!!!

He made a few saves that were spectacular. He made the big saves his team needed and that Luongo was not able to make. Schneider played one heck of a game and you gotta give the kid a tap on the pads for that effort.

Feel bad that he got injured - Great game Schneider!!!

3) Luongo

What the hell do you do with this guys now? Assuming Schneider is injured, Luongo gets the nod, but otherwise I go back to Schneider.

Luongo looked very shaky in the pipes.

I would think Luongo is done in Vancouver after this season.

4) How 'bout Those Hawks!!!!!
Game 7 will be a beauty I can't wait!!!
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