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Crosby Returning

Posted 6:57 PM ET | Comments 0
Dirty rumour that Sid-the-Kid will be back in line-up shortly. This is strictly a rumour at this point. Crosby has not yet been cleared for contact, and he is still wearing the red jersey in practise.

That being said, the line has opened up on Sidney Crosby's games played this year. Vegas bookrunners have the odds at exactly 50 / 50. On the over under for games played the magic number is 41.5 games played.

The under is free money here, as far as I am concerned. I would be shocked if Crosby is back in the line-up before the 15th game of the season. Further to that, this guy is a concussion waiting to happen.

I don't care how careful the Penguin's doctors have been - plain and simple - Sid the Kid is damaged goods and he will get another concussion. Sadly, it is not a question of "if" but rather "when".

This injury is exactly the same as Marc Savard's and look where he is right now. Unfortunately - this is a career changing injury and the facts speak for themself. If you are not convinced, google Eric Lindros, and then come back and we'll have an intelligent conversation.

Crosby will play less than 42 games this year. You heard it here first!
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