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Luongo Injury Update

Posted November 25, 2008
Well for what it's worth they are saying Luongo is week to week. Apparently no tear, which is huge. The fact he is comfortable walking already is a great sign, and I think they have deemed it week to week as he has never had an injury like this before and so they are not sure how long he will be out, except more than one week. In the press conference there was a question asked about whether Lou... Read More »

Luongo Injury

Posted November 24, 2008
Well in my trolling for info on Luongo it appears the actual press conference will be help at 2PM PST and that the prognosis is somewhere from 4 to 8 weeks depending on what source you believe. Both reports so far are coming out of Montreal, so it may be from people connected to Luongo's family. We shall see for sure soon enough. My two cents is that with the way the Canucks have been playing... Read More »