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The Suffering Has Started..

Posted October 11, 2013
Did they mention there would be suffering? Never a good thought going into a season. Looking at the very young roster, however, one can think that suffering is not inevitable. Players like Armia, Gigrensons, Grigorenko, Ristolainen, Foligno, Larsson, and Porter are a fine display of young talent that should make this team a top contender for the East, or at least a team that could string a fe... Read More »

The End Has Finally Come

Posted April 29, 2013
In breaking news....It has been made official that Darcy Regier will be the GM next season. Well that kills my hope for change. Darcy remains GM to fix his own mess of a team. After a second straight season with no playoffs, looking worse than before, and the same lousy excuse for a general manager the Sabres organization sees it fit to raise ticket prices...THIS IS MADNESS! Summed up in one... Read More »

Don't Silence the Boo Birds

Posted April 12, 2013
Don't silence the boo birds For years now we have paid thousands of our meager incomes to pay the salaries of this mediocre group of hockey players. Although I do understand that players, like Steve Ott, are frustrated because the booing is demoralizing to the young players and the veterans. I also feel the need to tell him to shut up and play hockey. He has been a polarizing and excellent lea... Read More »

Trade Deadline Moves

Posted April 4, 2013
Alright so definitely an interesting trade deadline day in Buffalo. Moving Pomminville, Regher, and Leopold was a great idea without a doubt. Am I completely happy with the return on those players? Not yet. I know that getting two prospects and a first rounder and a second rounder for Pomminville seems great. The problem is do we trust Darcy and this administration to get those players, and... Read More »

The Plight of Buffalo

Posted March 18, 2013
The Plight of this team This season has been nothing but horribly sad for us fans in "Hockey Heaven". Last night as I sat screaming in the Verizon Center next to fellow Sabres fans in the D.C. area...it hit me. This team is horrible. From top to bottom. Watching a team that was behind us in the standings, who also played the day before, dance around us in our own zone was simply disgusting.... Read More »


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