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The Plight of Buffalo

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The Plight of this team
This season has been nothing but horribly sad for us fans in "Hockey Heaven". Last night as I sat screaming in the Verizon Center next to fellow Sabres fans in the D.C. area...it hit me. This team is horrible. From top to bottom. Watching a team that was behind us in the standings, who also played the day before, dance around us in our own zone was simply disgusting. My friend and I could not bear to keep our eyes open every time the Caps went on the power play and the team "Unleashed the FURY" on our struggling excuse for a hockey team. For those that do not know "Unleash the Fury" is the montage of epic sports movie speeches that gets the arena all riled up then has Tom Green scream UNLEASH THE FURY...it is horribly corny but does the job. Miller looked furious, Pomminville...you guessed it SOFT. Vanek looked like he had nothing in him all night. The bright spots continue to be Brian Flynn who scored yet again and Cody Hodgson who lit the lamp twice. This team needs a true captain that will hold the team responsible for their mistakes. The number of times Miller has to make statements about Kaleta being a baby and whatnot need to end. Pomminville is not a captain and also should not play the point during our PP chances. The fact that the Sabres faithful only got excited when the Flynn-Porter-Foligno line was on the ice is plain sad but hopeful I suppose. Steve Ott continues to show fire and passion and did an excellent job of irritating the Caps. My only issue was him constantly berating Backstrom, not many in the stands wearing blue and gold really blamed Ovechkin for going after Ott at that point. It was hysterical to see Ott get Olesky to throw his gloves so easy.

Recent moves: In my opinion, Regier's move of Brennan for a 5th round pick is a joke, nothing more. Sure Brennan did not look brilliant this season but what defenseman has? Also Brian Campbell was scratched for more than 25 games his first year and look how he turned out? To add insult to injury Brennan had a goal and was +1 in his first game as a Florida Panther. Also Grigorenko may not have been ready for NHL play but let us ask ourselves, when was he really given the chance? Did we try and throw him on the first line to see if he could generate points there with Vanek and Pomminville? No. Who knows maybe Hodgson could have sparked the 2nd line if given the chance. Honestly this season has started to wear on me at an almost emotional level..I finish watching games and can barely turn a smile. In 25 year of Sabres fandom I have never witnessed this level of horrible, unmotivated, apathetic hockey. Mr. Pegula please change this fast, your plans for the arena area are awesome and inspiring but please turn your attention to the devastation that you sign all those paychecks for. Photo thanks to Washington Post
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