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Don't silence the boo birds
For years now we have paid thousands of our meager incomes to pay the salaries of this mediocre group of hockey players. Although I do understand that players, like Steve Ott, are frustrated because the booing is demoralizing to the young players and the veterans. I also feel the need to tell him to shut up and play hockey. He has been a polarizing and excellent leader for our team but it is not the crowds job to get a team back into a game it is the player's job as "performers" to put on a show we feel worth watching. So when we see our team trapped in their own zone for 2 mins and 16 seconds straight, we have every right to boo.
At this level players should not need our encouragement. Watching high school football I totally understand cheering to let the team know we appreciate their effort and we're trying to get you back in the game and motivate you. This is the pros. Grow up and play the game you've trained your whole life to play.
I also understand that the team's play is not based on how Ott performs. When Vanek comes back from injury saying he's good to go, then coughs up the puck and misses great scoring chances...it's embarrassing. Sorry if I'm tired of having to explain to people why I love my Buffalo sports teams so much despite so many years of failure. It is about time the players and management put a product on the ice that is worth watching and spending our hard earned dollars on. A person who shares many of my thoughts is the Bulldog from WGR550's Schopp + The Bulldog. His rant can be found on the radio site's on demand audio page.
Love the radio show or hate it, he makes some solid points. Talking to the Buffalo News Sabres president Ted Black did make a good point, “Fans were booing a 2½-minute shift where we couldn’t get the puck out of our zone. Those same fans all stood and cheered when we won that same game in a shootout,” Black said.
I would love to see the Sabres grab a guy like Duchene, that man can fly. Also in prospect news, Grigs is scoreless in his last 2 games, he is doing well despite this but it is disconcerting.

Also on last night's game. That was a joke right? Steve Ott asked us not to boo then we get crushed and he gets overpowered in his one fight. Mind you it was clear Ott, Gerbe, Kaleta, and Miller put forth an effort, it just was not enough. To continue my tirade against Drew Stafford: Brian Flynn now has the same number of goals as Staff and is a +8 where Staff is a -16 in 20 less games played. Embarassing. I am not, as stated previously, and will not ever be a fair weather fan but I turned last night off with 14 minutes to go in the 3rd, I just could not take it anymore.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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