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Did they mention there would be suffering?

Never a good thought going into a season. Looking at the very young roster, however, one can think that suffering is not inevitable. Players like Armia, Gigrensons, Grigorenko, Ristolainen, Foligno, Larsson, and Porter are a fine display of young talent that should make this team a top contender for the East, or at least a team that could string a few wins together.

The Sabres will win games. The question is how far can this team go when so much cap space is being spent on players that do not have the “urgency” that Rolston is looking for. Stafford is costing the team $4 million, Leino costs a whopping $4.5 million, Myers is $2.8 million this year, and that is enough to make one sick to their stomach.
Looking at the young guys:
1) Armia is hurt and not playing
2) Girgensons looks promising and had a nice first goal in his first NHL game
3) Grigorenko is riding the pine pony 5 games into the season
4) Ristolainen has looked solid and shown improvement every game thus far.
5) Foligno is a monster on the ice
6) Porter is on and off every other game
There are others but that point needs a rest.

Looking on the brightside the goaltending could not be better. Miller looks like he has his whole heart in it and is making a serious case for the top goalie position on the US National team. Enroth is a great back up and I have no doubts he could be a great starter when it is time for Miller to win his much deserved Stanley Cup. McBain also seems like a nice defensive add.

The problem that remains is this city deserves a championship and the players are not playing up to their potential. Ennis looks lost, Leino is already injured...again, Stafford, as previously mentioned, is a complete waste of time, Hodgson does not know what back-checking is, Myers is beyond awful, Kaleta is invisible-aside from his horrible attempted elbow which could result in a suspension, and Rolston still sounds like he has no fire in him whatsoever. If only Ron would eat whatever Patrick Roy enjoys for breakfast. Buffalo does not need a coach that plows over the glass between benches but man was that awesome to watch.
To make matters worse Nathan Gerbe and Brad Boyes combined have scored more than the whole Sabres team. The power play also looks slightly anemic still.

There still is hope for this team. As Buffalo knows all too well there is always hope...

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