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Jamison, PA • United States •
Well the eastern roster is out and the habs, thanks to their loyal fans have 4 players in the starting lineup (they would have had 6 if it was not for pens fans). Lets look at the 4 players the habs have in the all star game (cant argue with Malkin and sid for starters) # Pos Player GP G A P +/- PIM 79 D Andrei Markov 39 6 23 29 8 18 27 R Alex Kovalev... Read More »

To all habs fans

Posted May 3, 2008
No this is not a bashing session, this is me wanting to pass a complement on you all. The score is 6-4 30 sec left what do the fans do? They give a rosing cheer to the team that took them on a fantastic ride. It was a great site to hear the habs fans cheering their team they love so much. I just wanted to say that as a hockey fan it was great and if I was in your position I would have done the sam... Read More »

Which team will win the Clarke Cup?

Posted September 12, 2007
After getting my daily dose of hockeybuzz.com I go on the official Flyers home page to check up on news in flyerdom and I stumble on this. http://flyers.nhl.com/team/app?articleid=336967&page=NewsPage&service=page Apparently to open up camp the flyers are running a round robin torny putting all the vets, and prospects on 4 different teams to foster team play. Here is the team b... Read More »

Flyers Fans: uncharted warters

Posted April 11, 2007
Well im not sure how many fellow flyers fans this applies to but this is new for me..a season where there is no Flyers playoff hockey. The last time the flyers failed to make the playoffs I was in the third grade and number 88 was my hero. So now that hockey is pretty much over in Philly (even the Phantoms failed to make the playoffs) what do we do? I myself am going to be watching playoff hoc... Read More »