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"Go With The Flo"
Calgary, AB • Canada • 33 Years Old • Male
Humans hold grudges. Most of us have a strong desire to hold people accountable for not treating us well. And if you want to not treat another GM well in the NHL, I recommend tendering an offer sheet for one of their RFAs.

Ever since the Oilers swooped in and scooped up Dustin Penner, offering him 10 times his old salary, there has been bad blood between Burke and the Oilers franchise. An offer sheet is totally legal but has come to be considered a Richard move. Pick a fight with Burkie and you know you're getting truculence in return.

There is potential for some great comedy if the Flames make a good signing for once by getting the former Leafs/Ducks GM. He and Kevin Lowe aren't shy about saying what they think of each other. And I'll never forget MacT remarking in his classic deadpan, "Listening to Brian Burke talk is about as appealing as drinking from a fire hose."

The Calgary Flames are a rudderless franchise, from inept skipper Jay Feaster to blockhead corporate suit and co-owner N. Murray Edwards. As our hated provincial rival from my adopted hometown, nothing makes me happier than seeing the Flames flounder like a fish out of water. I've been waiting for Iginla and Kiprusoff to get gone for a very long time, and am excited to see how terrible they can be this year. I may even head down to the Dome to see for myself.

Brian Burke has a kick ass track record that can't be denied. The thought of him having any role with the Flames makes me uneasy. However, I take solace in the fact that the Flames will more likely than not screw this up completely and totally waste his knowledge and experience.

Therefore, I hope the Flames do sign Brian Burke to some patronizing token executive position, the fans get tons of hilarious verbal cheap shots between Edmonton and Calgary, and Burke leaves the city hating the southern franchise more than the northern one.

Hey, it could happen. Enjoy the ride.
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September 10, 2013 3:30 AM ET | Delete
FYI. Lowe and Burkie have buried the hatchet. It was not long after BB lost his son that he was convinced to make amends. He goes on to say that he was happy that the alleged barn fight he was looking for never happened, because he knows Lowe would have kicked his ass.
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